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Butcher's Trials

By: Must Tool


Introduction: Butcher's Trials is a 2D sidescroller with RPG elements where you, the Butcher, travel between two taverns to gather ingredients required to create the Hat of Immortality. The game has a currency that can be used to improve the character's health, damage, speed or even gain the ability to double jump. Monsters become stronger during the game and act more aggressively if the character has a lot of currency on him.

Plot: You are a butcher, seeking the secret of immortal life. One day while browsing the latest books, you discover it's actually quite a lot simpler than you thought. In fact, the whole recipe consists of just five items. You go to the local innkeeper to query his knowledge on these items. Little did you know, you're about to embark on an adventure of colossal scale. On your way you might encounter monsters. The monsters are dangerous, but their skins are valuable. But be wary to travel with lots of money or skins, as the monsters will smell it, and become more aggressive. They will also steal third of your skins and money when they hit you. Be careful - the Butcher cannot swim.

Instructions: A and D to walk Space to jump E to interact Hold S to look down (look before you leap) Right Control to attack When interacting with the shady merchant, use mouse to buy power-ups.

Credits: By Must Tool: Rauno Umborg, Andry Nõgols, Giancarlo Robles Pacheco, Kersti Mölder and Aleksandr Bregin.




Feels unbalanced, got annoyed before i got to any action - died a few times too much.

Only barely fits the theme

I'm not sure how the theme was interpreted but i did not get more of anything.

Well, i dont know how it was with the monsters smelling the money, but there wasnt even an introduction about how to kill or attack something.

Didn't really get how it fits the theme

I guess it was related? Not quite sure how

The idea of more currency being bad for you is interesting, but I only know it from the description, it is not clear in the game.

I fail to see what increases or how it gets worse.

I didn't understand how it was related to the theme.

From what I played it seemed like a standard sidescroller


Game was buggy and lacked instructions. On the plus side platforming was quite tight.

Controls are okay, the combat feels slow and out of sync. Otherwise seemed pretty neat

Was annoyed that when I died I had to go to complete beginning of the game, not to the outside of bar. Nothing happens when you go to complete end. Some level design doesn't please eye and is a bit frusttrating.

Gameplay is fun

I got quite hooked by the gameplay. It was very difficult which I enjoy a lot. Did no get to the end: wanted to see more, but resetting to the very beginning each time got frustrating. Will attempt to beat later.

It went kinda down, since i was tring to hit them somehow. Generally it feels nice, and i also like the character buildup.

Combat and jumping was without any feedback. Did not feel any good at all.

Very easy to die, need to repeat a long part of the game many times which gets boring fast. After several tries, I managed to get 4 things but couldn't buy anything for that.

The controlls are not very intuitive.

The gameplay wasn't anything special

Jumping is functional and you can jump on enemies. Being able to talk with characters in the environment has some potential. A lot of just running around back and forth, for the game jam the team should have focused on making a small but fun level instead.


Solid visual style.

Dying screen had 2 soundtracks.

Sound is really well done(i liked it), and the art is quite good too.

Really liked the tavern. The outside world was maybe not that interesting, but the characters were awesome.

It went with the flow, but graphics were quite basic

everything was nice but the death audio blasted through with the music

Really liked character and backround art. Platform art was terrible, did not fit at all.

Nice music!

The art is awesome, as it the music. It would be better if everything was pixelart or not. There is a blend of the two, which makes the aesthetics a bit questionable.

Loos great but the soundtrack became very repetitive

I liked the pixel art character and the music. I thought the backgrounds didnt fit the art of the game and the enemy models needed more work

I like the pixel art, the character animation is nice.


Not really

Seemed like a quite generic platformer. Maybe I just didn't get far enough to see any unique elements :) But still very well executed.

i have seen this type of games already

Nothing really innovative gameplay wise but travelling back and forth between traverns felt nice.

Quite a standard indie platformer.


For getting the out of tavern song stuck in my head

Got quite hooked by it. Enjoyed it a lot.

yes, i wish there was a tutorial or something

art style

the music.

I found the game too hard