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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results

Sound in the Night

By: Strange Red Whales


Your dream is distorted by your inner fears and what you can't see is even more terrifying. Run forward and use a jar of fireflies to escape darkness before they fade.(All audio was made ourselves :D!)

Take care to not be moving when monsters are near!


Theme: Sound is a longitudinal wave that is transmitted through gases, plasma, and liquids. These waves are then perceived and interpreted by our brains. But beyond physical distortion, the transmission of sound can also be distorted by our brains affecting our perception. Fear can turn simple sounds into menacing forces. The distortion in the transmissions and interpretations of sound are the core focus of our game.



Pretty good interpretation

I guess?

didnt understand it

Novel take on sound

Nice, novel game and interesting interpretation

Was transmitted by ominous voices.


Game mechanics are hard to grasp.

Kuskil ei olnud nuppe kirjas.. ei mõelnudki välja v.a D

Didnt really feel the point of the game

Confusing really

Concept was cool, but its hard to grasp what is meant by monsters being near while moving. Is the location of the audio the monsters?

Didnt understand, what i needed to do

Not clear what to do.

I died many times and had now idea how to avoid moving during monsters

It is hard to understand what exactly I am supposed to do. A tutorial with visual aid at first would have helped a lot.

Nice, though some things still feel generally rough. Once or twice i also got zapped by standing still. Could use a bit more interesting parts

Not much to do. When closing your eyes, this game becomes a fear simulator.

Probably too sleep deprived, but after trying 5 times, still didn't understand how to progress further.


Some more monster sound effects would have been nice, as well as an indicator for your progress

Liked the art and the sound


I've lost my hearing. THANKS EARPHONES!

Sounds are well done also art.

You have very soothing voices. Excellent ASMR soundtrack. The sprite art looked very good as well.

Not that many assets, but the ones you have are good.

Love the art and audio

Background was bad.

Generally nice, perhaps an animated background would have added a lot

self made and good art, music, etc. Though the game could have a bit more versatile background and whatnot

Audio is nice, art is interesting, not much to story.

I liked how the character was drawn and the crazy background.


Cool idea to use sound in the way you did, but the gameplay amounted to a version of stop-and-go


Positional audio in a 2D game

Approach of it was nice, but didnt understood the thing i needed to do

Never heard this before.

"Stopping simulator"?

i've never seen a game where you're supposed to not look at the screen

Seen this kind of nightmarish approach in earlier game jams.


It looked and sounded very good but I didn't actually understand it.

The design of the main character is really really good! The sounds were unique

For backgrounds


Voice acting and animations were nice :)

Cool sound effects

Wait what?

Different from other games, very special idea.

I liked the animations. Didn't understand how to win or lose.

Pressing the Restart button repeatedly produces some rad dub.