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Ludum Dare 45 - Start with nothing Teams Voting Progress Results

Nothing But Fear

By: Team Unknown




Chicken and egg paradox is the cornerstone of creation so the theme is correct. It is not apparent in the actual gameplay, though.

I don't know because I don't speak eesti keel

Well it sure is a whole lot of nothing

The egg in the story came out of nowhere. Cause male chickens don't lay eggs but I can't really see anything else that goes with the theme

I didn't exactly understand story and what was supposed to happen in gameplay

Only understood that the chicken does not have anything in the beginning, but the objective...?

Don’t know Estonian, but visually it is related.


So bad that it was good

I got the enjoyment from the wacky intro (however I was in an advantageous position of being able to understand Estonian). The broken physics were amusing for a while.

Cant even do anything except move around and collide through walls

The controls are still pretty buggy and not being able to look up or down annoyed me. I really wanted to see what the buildings looked like from top to bottom

i did not find anything to to,

I didnt really understand anything=)

Game feels very raw and very buggy.

I ran out of map and the animations were off. Concept seemed cool but maybe a little too much for 72h?

Weird, but nice


What exists is interesting enough, would have loved to see actual gameplay with the models. Id imagine a 3D chicken fighting game would have been awesome (something like Absolver)

The drawn portion is fine but the 3D art is completely unshaded

The art in the beginning was quite cool and aesthetic but it sadly didn't go well with the gameplay :(

sadly i cant read the story i think i is in estonian

Amazing backstory

Art was the best! awesome 3D models and cutscenes!

Chicken models vere quite nice

Loved the storyline and art connected to it

Good feel, has potential.


The whole buddhist chick idea was just funny.

Yeah no

I liked that when you bounced against the other chicken you would just spin around.

beeing a bird is always a +

Didn’t notice.



chicken is nice

You could go through all the walls

i liked the artworks at start alot

cool story

Love you all!

The chicken of doom is awesome, can’t argue with that.

graphics were nice actually

colliders where missing got lost