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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

DTL (Dumber Than Light)

By: Destroy & Can't Even


Future, sci-fi. Everything is automated and perfect. AI running a ship, but crewmembers appear. More humans = more screwing up. FTL meets Idiocracy. Must neutralize crewmembers. 2D Pixel Art, top-down graphics. Unity. No time to balance gameplay.



Feels more like the more there is the worse it is

The more people arrive the harder it gets that is true, but sometimes the more is also good as some people keep wandering and thus you can wait for energy to refill for the next level.

I think it is a good interpretation

The theme was fairly generic, so it can't be helped

Well it followed the theme pretty well with the human counting.

It suits really well. Also I love the general idea of the game really much!

We seem to get more humand every wave and the more of them there are, the harder it is to keep track of them.



Felt nice

Was funt, but at some point i started wondering why should i keep playing as i didn't see any way how to show off about how far i stayed alive.

I did get bored after some time, because it felt too easy. Too little variations.

The game is fun, but the difficulty curve is too slow to have fun with it fast. Maybe you should have forced the first rounds to be a bit faster(also more energy generation to encourage creativity, not pressing zap on the right time)

Kind of figured out how to play very fast, and it didn't appear as if there was new content that was going to happen to keep things interesting.

Well at the beginning it was kinda interesting the soundtrack and everything, but the same tone and repetitive moves made it a bit boring

I was a bit disappointed. I had highest hopes for this game. It is something I would usually play and I really like the AI theme but the game felt really boring. I also spent some time nervously clicking and waiting until I misplaced the traps and got a bit more anxious. I tried it 3 times because I really wanted to like this game but I quit in frustration all of the times.

The tutorial seems to be a bit rough. I fail to understand how the traps should work, as whenever I click on one of them, the energy bar flashes red and nothing happens. The ship is also a little too big right now.

Nice, but slow

Not much to do, I couldn't get the traps to work

Feels like it needs more depth. +points for tutorial.


Story was fun and action messages about humans ruining the stuff were hilarious.

Really liked the art, but the music was too repetitive to be enjoyed.

Art is mostly consistent, if not very good-looking.

Well the story is there :). And the audio was well implemented for the theme.

The pixel art kind of works. Although I saw some font in the game that was not in pixel art. (I am somewhat of an expert on space station pixel art, because I have made some of it in the past and I have to say, I have seen better.) Really liked the combination of cream color and light blue, the floor tiles were cool, but the small elements seemed out of place in the ship. The music got a bit annoying too. Cats were cute.

I can see the FTL influence, which I like. I also love the music.

Quite well, but quite a bit huge buttons on screen don't help

The spaceship is too big. Too much empty space

Nice intro and art style is readable. Story is funny.



I didn't find anything innovative.

well its a good story, that you are a computer that needs to zap people to get rid of them.


Haven't seen many similar games.


Bonus for the clean game.

Nothing exceptionally special

The idea is kinda unique and the thing that you got it implemented pretty good.

Bonus points for making me laugh! Also, cats. Still like the idea really much! In some polish and balancing it would be a really cool game and I would like to play it a lot! Lots of potential!

the actions (text) that the humans did


I did like it

Human quotes are top notch (Y)