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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

Bunny Mayhem Simulator

By: Team 4


First-person game. You are a guy in a valley. With a gravity gun, which sucks. Ranch aimless bunnies in the valley to keep them away from bad places. Bunnies population grows exponentially. Food changes bunny features. Construction of fences... Unity. 3D. Jaanus is the lead tech artist.



Yes, the more bunnies you have, the worse it is ... for your processor. Otherwise the amount of bunnies plays no role. Also why would I keep them away from bad places? What's the goal?

It got a lot worse: very well executed theme.

Too many bunnies makes game crash.

More bunnies is bad for CPU, but maybe something more closely tied to game mechanics would have gotten a better score :D

Too many bunnies will tank the framerate.


It killed my computer at 350 bunnies!

The more bunnies you have, the worse your PC struggles


Super nice open world design!

Nice tech demo, but quickly ran out of things to do. Also, I got stuck in a cavern :(

Its was more fun to stack the carrots than to mess with the bunnies and wait for the computer to crash.

Nice sandbox. But not much gameplay.

Game feels really good, but got stuck in places and ran out of things to do. Also jump is same as "OK" for tooltip.

I had a great time! Could use a clearer explanation of the rules.

Sadly gameplay is the weakest side, there's really not much to it other than placing fences and seeing rabbits breed. Without any instructions it's also kinda difficult to realize what to do at first.


The visuals are amazing! Super nice 3D models and art! Production quality

Nice visuals. Looked very nice.

Visuals were very nice and well made for such a short time.

Nice 3D art.

Very good looking graphics (at least on a more powerful computer)

The art is very cool and the level looks amazing.

Looks pretty but is ruined by bad execution

Lovely and consistent art style, could use music

Art is excellent


We all know and love the gravity gun. Nice variation, where it can also store sucked up items.

Many interesting bunny and carrot mechanics :D

As an FPS, this is not something you see in our Jam. The secret shops are a very interesting thing, as are the areas you need to sacrifice bunnies to get to.


It feels similar to slime rancher, but otherwise very original!

It definitely is unique, props to that.


For awesome art and models

Interesting technical solution. Nice job.

Carrot stacking


I got some fat bunnies, then shot them with a carrot and they got slim :D

The bunnies were cute.

the bunnies and the ideas. What was the case with the buttons??

But I really liked.

Super cute and interesting mechanic

The art is absolutely fantastic.