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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results

Terrificly Lovely Epidemic

By: Terrificly Lovely Epidemic


There is a secret group of terrorists who plan to detonate a series of biological bombs designed to infect people with a disease. The disease would be transmitted all over the world in a matter of days and kill literally several people...and maybe cause a bit of discomfort to others as well. A Terrifically Lovely Epidemic...

Luckily, the best team of bomb defusing specialists are up to the challenge and are tasked with disarming the bombs and catch the bad guys. ...but wait, it appears that some of the terrorists have also infiltrated the team.

Game is played with a central info screen and each of the participants would use a (handheld) device to perform specific tasks.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StKHJTw8GXo&feature=youtu.be

During game jam, the user's private page should also be accessible at!/login

DISCLAIMER: If you cannot play the game due to the difficult nature of networking then please evaluate the game by the video.



Dont understand how its connected with theme.

Really fits the theme!

Didnt work, only saw some unintuitive video

Very cool idea and execution (especially technology side)


võrk võiks kuidagi p2p olla, serverit iga kord ülesse panna ei ole mugav

Looks cool

*The player can log in, but can't log out.

Couldn't tell.

Did not really play it.

Quite interesting.

Couldnt play it. But from the video it might be a fun party. Low score because I couldnt enjoy it.

it was a good game


heli ja art meeldisid

Nice music and visuals

Cute and funny characters but overall design didnt feel well put together.

Story is Ok, Art is ok. No audio.

Art is interesting, but didnt hear any sound and the UI was very barebones.


it seems kind of interesting.

Cool idea for a networked game.

It isnt anything new but there's always a need for more party games.


It was nice to watch and I am interested to play it.


Nice graphics and sounds :)

Bonus point for making a online multiplayer game! Hope you will finish it in the future!

I commend you for trying to make a multiplayer game in a game jam.

Team got it working after 30 minutes.

The social aspect.


Bonus points for Party game