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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results


By: B - Team


B missioon is an infinite 2D sidescroller with planeswitch mechanics. The player controlls an overly enthusiastic bee (busy bee), whos sole purpose in life is to transmit pollen to as many flowers as possible. The game raises the awareness about pollinators, such as bees, who are under threat because of widespread pesticide use, climate change, the emergence of foreign pests, diseases and habitat loss.

If GGJ is not working - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u0iBDfOBGwe7m9ONRh7yYYAeHnRpX5R9



Well yeah

connection with flowers was there

Bees are awesome. and most people can relate

Transmitting pollen!

Yes, insects do not only transmit diseases :)

It's about transmitting stuff. So it's related.

Not very transmission-y

Transmission of pollen


Fun lil bee boy

It looks and feels really good.


Its quite nice idea.

Flight mechanics are easy

Bit buggy, but that seemed to make it more fun.

2D movement is fun and intuitive; at first didn't get the idea about back-front movement (did after restarted game and wondered "what does the space control again?")

starts out slow but

Pretty enjoyable gameplay.

Challenging, in a good way

I'd like to score this more but the input and mechanics of the game are difficult to understand. Took me awhile to understand that pressing Space changes the state of the flowers. Interacting with the flowers had something to do with positioning the bee on the flower bud. But did it require pressing the space key? Did not quite get it.

Pretty good core mechanics, but gets repetetive.

Addictive gameplay. Difficulty ramps up suddenly at some point.


10/10 would bee again

Looks great!

Art was cool, but sound was completely missing.


liked it

Very beeautiful

Cute graphics

Stylish and well-drawn art.

Really unique and true to the chosen style

Story and sound are okay. Art is very good!

(y) -1p for no pause screen and no quit button

Cute pixel graphics.


Layer stuff I guess

I like this flower hide/show mechanic.

bee connection with flowers + endless runner

i would not have thought of a bee game

Did not do well in flappy birds, but being scored for hitting stuff is my kind of jelly.

the hex + mobement logic seemed novel, but then again, i'm not much of a platform or sidescroller player


Seen quite a bit of endless runners.

Nothing new, but what's there works

Interesting approach to infinite runners.


Looks awesome, nice puns. Cute game

Raising awareness

Best ever

Couldn't stop before I saw my name on the board :D Good job with the graphics and the phrases were great ^_^ P.S. I love Great Gatsby

the cute bee

not my cup of tea, but seems interesting

Loved the animation and music

The scoreboard. It's a great feature, especially for an arcade game. It should prevent duplicates though.

The game shows that the life of a bee ain't easy

How am I supposed to exit

Nice bee

The bee puns... They were awful! :D

+1 for art

Online scoreboard!!!111!!ONE!