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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results

Routine check

By: Team Risto


Yes it starts out slow, just stay with it. Trust me it will be worth it.




I don't quite get the similarity

It is into theme, since the change of rooms is meaning transmission

It didn't really make it clear how it went to the theme.

From what I saw, this fit the theme perfectly

It was related to theme.

I assume alien transmitted some nonsense in my brain

Transmitting consciousness is spot on :)

Transmission of consciousness to a computer.


Really cool game and mechanics.

I was genuinely curious what was going to happen next, despite not understanding what was happening at first.

What the hell did i just play?

A little repetitive at first and got stuck in the end. I liked the idea

It was fun at the beggining, but running around the rooms became quite boring, the more rooms you passed.

Didn't understand what to do

Too much routine

Start is indeed slow, but the game is nice.

I wanted to know the ending. Sadly I got stuck at "this hurts" - only one door opened...

The game was ok. Walking simulator - hard to keep playing.

The game idea is great. The test buttons should be closer together, otherwise it feels like walking simulator after 5th level. Also - too many levels and feels like nothing is happening. Got bored - too repe.

Really interesting and it actually worked without any bigger errors. Since player has to to the same thing every time, it's really intuitive as well.


I liked the fucked up visuals

Really nice atmosphere. Psychologically scary at times.

Art and audio executed perfectly.

The aesthetics were really immersive. I really loved the art and sounds. Everything worked together really good

Cool visuals. Nice story.

Story is great. Art is nice. Audio is okay.

Minus 0.1 points for lack of instructions - I had to experiment to find out what to do or where to go.

Sterile environment, has eerie feel to it. Could use more creepy ambient background sound.

Nice shader effects and minimalist style.


Psychological horror games have been more common recently.

Havent seen or played

Doesnt differ from any other 3d space-stationy/isolated room games I have played

Very cool mechanics in the later levels

Interesting idea.

I like the choice-based idea. Could use more philosophical questions.

Interesting plot


Seems very interesting and will try to dive into the story later.

I like these kinds of games


i liked the part of keep reseting the same rooms

Nicely done

Bonus for immersion

Nice visual effects.

Interesting back story, that doesn't reveal itself at once

I like the idea.

What if that was the future. Didn't understand, why red coloured SimBlock was so bad...

I liked the questions, would've loved if answers had mattered

No bugs encountered