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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results

Power Grid

By: Power Grid





I get it, power transmission.

Well its transmission alright

connection of the lines yes

Spot on!

Nice, transmission of energy

Power "TRANSMISSION". Says it all.

Has power transmission


Game feels good, but gets boring fairly quickly after 10 minutes due to lack of goals other than amassing a giant mountain of cold hard ca$h.

Fun game but no real goal

Fun little resource manager for a gamejam

*No exit button (or even a way to exit NOT using task manager)

It is fun, but it needs more elements to make it enjoyable

It has great potential, but currently too raw to be actually fun yet. Buildings other than nuclear seem to become useless very fast.

Hard to understand at first due to no tutorial.

Don't want to stop until the map is covered with electricity. Will it end then?

I enjoyed it at first, but it quickly got boring. Has a lot of potential.

Nice, but could be better. If you make a mildly wrong turn, there is nothing you can do about it

Really good and addictive. Simple to understand after reading the tutorial. After awhile, the point of the monetary system becomes void. No need to keep track of consumption nor money.

Once I figured out the mechanics it was quite addicting. Although it got repetetive quickly because balancing was off.

Should have made power transmission more visible. As a player I have no idea how the power moves between the buildings. Not many strategic options either.


Simple art and music, but it does it's job

Liked the visuals and audio

Looks kinda bland, cant blame you

Audio was really good.

nice, didnt find any story for it

Not anything too good. The colors seemed quite random but the music was well fitted.

Very nice and consistent art style.

Day/night cycle is nice, graphics are OK for a Jam.

Was allright

Simple working graphics.

Story is hard to comprehend, tutorials improve a bit, but not much.

Enough to get the point across and understand what is what.

Boring visuals and clunky controls. +1p for right click post building

Looks nice


Pretty standard

I have seen a really similar game in the Science museum of London.

It looks like just a strategy city builder with a focus on electricity management.

Cool to see almost green technologies used :)

Board game power grid on blood thinners

Like a classical pipe/grid connection game.

Seen similar games before


The early game is fun, once you build the first power plant and get it to be profitable, money becomes meaningless.


Interesting idea, like the business part (like how to manage your money)

Bonus point for making a building game

Where is the exit button?

It has potential to become great.

Really like the sfx when building the nuclear plant. Sends chills down the spine every time.

Features work without any noticable bugs