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Global Game Jam 2018 - Transmission Teams Voting Progress Results


By: Doom inc.


You are the mayor of a small village. However, the impending doom is around the corner. Choose your actions wisely because every choice can take you closer to the doom. Can you survive 7 days?

Windows Build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QFbTG9xe9moxvAr4Dlm3gFptbCXEuOBJ/view?usp=sharing

Linux x86_64 build: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wn2bJXDrbsHzgNOY0DuUkzY-cPNUkQqr

WebGL build: https://rrebane.github.io/ggj10-doominc/



Very confused as to how the game relates to the theme

Didn't really understand how it related to transmission

I don't really see much of a connection to the theme.

Loosely based on the theme.

All the hilarious options are worth it

metaphorical... something? (I like how you think and that's why the world will burn)

Not amazingly related, but OK

The news are interesting but not necessarily related to "transmission".


Since the outcome of my choices had no real logic behind them, all my choices felt meaningless

Enjoyed it a lot, funny choices and funny consequences

Quite difficult, but I wanted to keep playing to see what options and news there are.

Very fun to play and interesting.

nice questions

Simple to play. fun

found hard to foucs but maybe that's just me

Great humour, but damn difficult to reach the doom!

nice, but I don't really get what's going on or how to exactly win.

Had to win.

Player feedback wasn't very good. I had no clue what the choices did. Newspaper articles were funny though.

Felt too random to see patterns. But some humor and cool sounds & visual style.


Visually very cool looking, audio loops when entering a building, which grates slightly

I liked the music and atmosphere of different houses

I really like the art style.

I really like the art, and the sounds are nice too.

Fits together very well!

Really beautiful

Answering questions to save town, works. Its well excecuted with audio.

It's very funny and creative.

coherent art style

Audio was unbalanced

Art is really good! Story is pretty nice and audio is fine.

Distinct art style!

Looked nice and professional-like. Small easter eggs added as well

Story is ok. Art and audio is very good.

Really nice art!


Seen similar survive for 7 days before. Thematic and interaction system interesting.

Interesting idea.


I haz the points if u haz the DLC

The humor was great

Art style was super great and made me chuckle a bit.

good sense of humour

Such a good job you did with the design. The lines were really funny and the situations were interesting. A cool idea for a game!

replayable working menu, working exit function

It had style


I liked the brother DLC comment and fun newspaper topics

DLC (was hoping for an easter egg)

User interface is realy nice!

You can increase your score via microtransactions!