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UT Game Jam 2020 / Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop Teams Voting Progress Results


By: Volantibus


A quiet little space travel with your buddies when, OH NO! Asteroids! Gotta save us all! But how? With rope and a magnet of course! After looping the rope around your waist, you head out to face the dangerous space!

Swingifinity is a cart-miner inspired game where the goal is to match the asteroids and survive the wave. By flinging the asteroids at the matching asteroids, asteroids get destroyed and total score gets increased.


Pulling/Throwing asteroids: Space

You can access webgl build through ldjam.com!

That's all folks! Have fun!



Nothing to do with loops.

Somewhat understood the connection between the themes

Without the description, I did not feel the theme in the game at all.

I don't get how it is related to "Stuck in a loop"

Somewhat fits in the theme.

It was an ok interpretation.

I didn't really catch on to how it resembles the theme...


Really fun. Felt like that bubble shooting game.

This one is good in its design, there's a solid puzzle structure, so essentially endless enjoyment can be gained from this package, so plus points.

The game is pretty well made and is pretty fun

Very good and smooth gameplay, no bugs.

I had fun.

A bit too slow.

Feels great!

Really good game, I like to play it!


Really cohesive art style. Cute, too.

Beautiful artwork

I liked the visual design, it was all very solid all around. The music was too repetitive for the rest of the game style, easily getting on the nerves after two loops.

AUDIO IS SO LOUD, story is meh, art is very good

Great art, animations. Audio is really loud.

It looked really nice. Good job.

Really nice art and music.

Really nice graphics!

Really beautifully crafted game.

It is not so importent with such game, everything essential is presented


Classical puzzle shooter game. Not new in that regard.

The game was definitely innovative, it's a great take on the puzzle genre.

Haven't seen this before

It is an inspired game as stated in the description but still very different from anything I have seen before.

The sucking mechanic was interesting. It was more of a mix of QWOP and Bubble Shooter than anything else. But I'm a bit tired of both.

Not really anything new, essentially the same as good ol' gold miner.

I actually haven't seen such mechanivs, but I am not very literate guy in sense of games


Bonus for art!

Very impressive for a game made in a weekend.

Seems pretty polished.

I really-really enjoyed the art style!

Very smooth controls. Exit doesn't work, though.