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Ludum Dare 41 - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres Teams Voting Progress Results

Wonky Farm Dance Party

By: Melancholy 2.0


Welcome to Wonky Farm Dance Party: A rhythmic puzzle platformer plot generator!!!

You are a farmer infected by the dancing plague. The farm still needs to be managed, however, and the farmland protected from the Elements. Oh, and your dancing plague is contagious.

Arrow keys: move // Space: jump // Attack: Ctrl //



Wasn't sure what genres were combined

Never seen this morphing stuff before - was a nice surprise!

the idea is there, but it doesn't come off as a combination of two genres when playing

Platformer and choice based game is an interesting mix

Not clear

The genres are completely compatible and have been joined before.

Largely a platformer, the rhythm mechanics seemed minimal


Was fun and challenging, but tying to do something tens of times gets a bit tedious.

At times a bit frustrating

the controls, graphics and music are all incredible. It's a shame that the rapidly changing colors prevent me from playing any longer

inconsistent jumping made the game slightly irritating


Controls were hard

Played until the end. The jumping mechanic felt different every time, but I would play this game when it was finished. Colors got a bit trippy.

Some jumps were too hard and frustrating, had a ragequit

Too trippy in my opinion, but I like challenging platformers.


Everything except the texts were great. I didn't want to stop to read these.

Although color changing could cause some problems with certain people, really liked it!

All was great with exception of the said changing colors.

Feels and looks really good. :)

Kinda hectic and hard to watch

the flashing is too much, but overall pretty interesting nice idea of combining characters

Really interesting approach to graphics

Story is okay, I like the choice option Art is unique but hurts my eyes. Audio is okay, but missing some sound effects.

Interesting shaders, but the flashing background colours were quite annoying

I liked the shaders and style.

Love the art

Flashing background really hurts.


Never seen this before - hopefully will see this evolving further

Very interesting concept and cool world-building :)

Becoming one with the universe, that's really retarded but really cool

Making characters morph into each other is a genius idea.

I like the combination of all the themes and ideas, but it isn't that unique. Somehow, I just like the package all together.

Love the shaders


Really loved (although short) :)

I think this game has a lot of potential if you fixed the glowing screen and (maybe) added some tutorial for the more complicated platforming mechanics (like jumping off walls)

Becoming one with the animals

the ending is deep with like infinite falling down animation

Love that the character dances and there are flashing lights in the background. Could add epilepsy warnings tho :)

Some arthouse, just what i like


I liked the platforming (meat boy style) and hug/kill mechanic.

Liked the music

it has serious problems with jumping