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Ludum Dare 41 - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres Teams Voting Progress Results


By: ElGore




There was only 1 genre. Stylistic choices are not genres.

cuteness is not a genre

Fairy tale as a genre doesn't really work in this context. Just a cutesy shoot'em'up.

Not really 2 themes but fun version of Serious Sam

Ideally could have mixed different game mechanics as well, but in a wider sense there are definitely incompatible genres here :D

Not quite two genres in my opinion.


wasd controls were opposite


Why everybody thinks that combining X with killing is fun?

I wish I could enjoy this game, but unfortunately you couldn't change the mouse sensitivity (I changed my mouse DPI), and other than performance issues (my PC's fault), the input latency of the mouse felt bad.

Lagged really hard :( but was fun for 15 seconds got to see 15 images of the game during that time..

As an endless shooter, it gets boring quickly once the novelty of the theme wears off

Nice and playable, however lacks depth.


I really like how it looks, and the music's nice.


voice acting and visuals are fantastic, wish the music were made by you, blue red effect really cool

The graphics were really well done

I like the art style and gore, the music was annoying and sounded like a copyrighted song (sample?). The voice acting was humorous but cringy.

Very nice! cute and fluffy, didnt like the voice acting though.

Best quality visuals of this jam, good use of special effects. Very well done.

Art style and audio were nice. Voice acting could have been balanced better.

I loved the art on the world


enjoyed killing cute stuff

Just a shooter

I feel like I've seen a cutesy shooter before, but I enjoyed it.

Reskinned SSam

Cute and gory has been done before, but still fun

Got a Serious Sam feeling from it.


crashed my computer (its pretty new)

Just love it! Keep up with the good work!

Mouse sensitivity and motion blur is too much though

release it

Very cool for very short time

The music was super annoying :)

I can see they put a lot of effort and time into this game, and I want to play it when it is in a better state. Best of luck!

Good job, prolly the best game this jam!

The credits and the voice acting :)

Bonus points for the starting audio.

I just love this game!!! It`s so adorable and awesome!