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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

the Disease Crawleth



You are a medieval hero person. You are tasked to save the princess. Problem is that it is a medieval era and the hygiene is awful. On your way to get the princess you meet many enemies and traps. And strangely appealing moldy food. Also the mystery potions are super tasty. But be careful that you don't get sick.



Adding a lot of debuffs poorly relates to the theme and is kind of lacking to pull this off. I didn't even think about the buffs that much.


I mean, getting more debuffs is worse indeed.

The more enemies the harder it gets, tho the debuffs didn't really effect me

Really well. Thought about diseases when first heard the theme so not anything exeptional.

There are a lot of negative effects. That the more there are of them the worse it is is a no brainer. But it doesn't help the game if I'm worried that there is a permanent bleeding stack of 7 and that the only way through is to grab meat and dash for the exit.

As player gets hit, debuff rates increase and game gets harder. Relative enough but need to play terrible to be able to see the difference since the step is small.


I Got stuck in in a level. Felt boring because i could just hack through the flies and that was it.

Lagginess and too loud noises distracted from enjoying

Combat is just spamming attack. Collecting everything/nothing seems to change very little.

Movement feels a bit awkward, but I really liked the game. There's an impressive amount of content for a jam game.

The third stage is almost impossible

Everything works. The attacking should feel a bit more impactful

Gets very repetitive

Too many enemies coming on at once.

Interesting concept, but mentally tricky to keep track of which debuffs you're getting. Also, I usually just pick up all the mystery potions since they may be useful. Basically all the game mechanics blur together into "I did all the things and now there's a bunch of effects" :P

There are far too many pointless enemies and the combat is not well felshed out. There is no way of getting though with skill. Perhaps change the enemy speed so you can bait and kite them and avert some damage.

For some reason game is slow even if the graphics are not detailed. Performance issue kills the enjoyment. AI is too simple.

Attacking didn't feel responsive and the buffs didn't give much feedback. Multiple endings made me play the game again so that's nice (17 or something.. wut!?)


Too loud music and sound effects; at some point music stopped. Good mood and story tho

Character and NPCs looks cool. Music is nice and relaxing. Level design/colors don't go that well with the characters.

The aesthetics are very very well made, but I think that they didn't always fit together well. The music feels a bit too cheerful, for example.

Nice Medieval look

Strongest part of the game. Really like the main character and it works suprisingly well in the 3d space. The lighting of the rooms is really good. Why not exeptional - different things have different sharpness. The rats seem photorealistic while some other things are really cartoony. The looks of the game are well done overall but are in a bit different styles. Sounds are quite atmospheric too.

Sprites and animations could've been better.

The castles look pretty cool. The PC needs work though

Loved the music and the art style

The medieval art inspiration makes the game looks good.

Art style reminds me of Runescape, made me feel nostalgic. Story is decent.


Seen it before, but it's a nice style

Not that great of a dungeon crawler but the endings are easily the best part.

I like the idea that the hero is quite gross. Otherwise quite a usual dungeon crawler.

There was nothing I had never seen before

Perhaps some mechanics to actually reward skilled play?

Not really no.

Nothing too innovative


For the rat princess.

I'm really interested in your game, because I'm working on a game that also uses medieval artstyle. If you would like to work together sometime, let me know ;-) https://www.facebook.com/simanis.mikoss

I liked the music and how the character looked like a medieval scripture


Bonus point for the multiple endings. And the medieval text too. I laughed to myself because the S letters looked like F-s and I read all the text in my head in a really hissing funny voice. :) Was fun.

Music was great

The princess rejected me because I shat myself :D

the different endings

buying gf