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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

Disco Warriors

By: Meie, noh


Dance-dance revolution meets QWOP. You lead an army! Every unit has a key you need to press in the rhythm of the music. The more units you have the harder it is to lead them. Boss fight in the end! Medieval + 80s Disco style. Sidescroller, 2D, Unity.



Getting to the boss gets harder, but boss seems to be easier with a single unit? Didn't actually understand boss fight mechanics.

It's an interesting take on the theme

I didn't get it. Are you supposed to get more warriors?

More soliders means more buttons to mash. Although maybe but in more than 5. Just to make it more harder.

Love the multiple dancers idea. AWESOME!

The game gets more difficult if you do well


I got really annoyed, because couldn't figure out how game works and when I pressed buttons, they didn't work.

Bugged out a few times. Boss battle was confusing. Rhythm timing could be better visualized.

I`m little confused about that game. Couldn`t get too far.

I think I was really bad at this game, so I can't really rate it objectively

I feel like a failure, since I just lost and I didn't feel like I could do anything.

Tho I liked the music, little work and after the orange dude came with the swords banner, the game broke

Fun game. Rather easy. I had 3 groups on 1 interval and 2 groups on the other. So i just had to press either 3 or 2 buttons at a time. Boss fight got confusing and difficult. And the crash where the mobs moonwalked and boss just headbanged. Also in-game menu would be nice.

Really wanted to replay to hear the full music arrangement and fight the boss, and it was pretty cool! Needs polish, but the roots of a fun game is there!

Pretty good. Boss fight seemed buggy though, not much happened.

Didn't get to play it: watched someone else play it, but it looked really nice. I like rhythm games.

No real feedback to the player, first time playing I kept missing the notes without realizing I was doing anything wrong.


Loosing screen jump scared me

Looks and sounds very cool!

The art is great! I think there was a bit too much difference between the characters and backgrounds but otherwise it looked really nice :)

For a rhythm game, no cues when I need to press buttons?


I really like the art and music in game

Love the graphics, everything looks very polished.

The models are pretty nice, but it would be nice if the background was more intricate or interesting. The boss challenge indigator should be more to the style of the rest of the game

Aesthetics are excellent, nuff said


Never saw smth like that but it felt like it didn't have any story

I've seen some games use rhythm for combat, but haven't played them. It certainly isn't an easy feature to implement, imo

Rhythm games aren't much anything new.

Its still a rythm game. There are many like this.

Never seen a game like this before.



Really nice graphics!

I loved all the assets that you have created, but the game still needs a lot of polishing. It was hardly playable on my laptop because there was no option to change resolution :((( Your artists are amazing!! If you would like to work together sometime, let me know ;-) https://www.facebook.com/simanis.mikoss

Nothing special about it.



80s + medieval = awesome

the music and the idea.

Bonus points for trying something really unique