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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

Doomsday Lovers!

By: Doomsday Coders


DOOMSDAY LOVERS! combines the elements of visual novel and idler genre.

Chad is the only one that knows about the impending doomsday. He used to be a janitor at NASA when he found a secret report. It said that Earth will be destroyed by a giant asteroid. The estimated impact time - 28 days.

Knowing this, Chad set himself one goal - not to die alone!

Help Chad accumulate as many lovers as possible within 28 days. But beware! The more lovers Chad gets, the more information he has to remember. If you call your lover the wrong name then you will get dumped!



Nothing too original but an interesting take

A pretty nice take on the theme.

The more lovers, the worse it does get.

Didn't really feel the worsening of the sitation.

The more there were the worse it got.

Yeah, I can see how having more people whose details you have to remember is worse.

The more the better

Too many lovers is indeed a problem.

The theme was there, but didn t really reflect in the gameplay


Gets repetitive fast. Not the sort of game I generally play

Definitely super fun! Had a few laughs

The idea is simple but well executed. Although not much to play for more than once other than to challenge yourself.

Rather boring

Just watching progress bars and answering multiple choice questions.

The random text snippets during free time were nice to read, but

It was quite funny

Most of text repeats a lot. Did not have choice who to date at bar.

This goes against the direction society is moving in. The player takes part in sexual behaviour shunned upon.

Felt a bit tedious


Solid visual theme.

Sound needed!

Again, simple but works very well. Could have used a few sounds, even just button clicks or something.

No audio.

Art is mediocre

No audio, no in-game story.

While I can't say the aesthetics looked *good*, it definitely looked consistent and sort of fitting for the theme it was. Kind of like a specific kind of bad that's good.

it was a quite good combination.

Did not get audio working?

The art models were good.

There was no audio :/

UI was well done and the character models looked good. No sound, though :(


Not that innovative.

Not really

Seen it a lot.

I guess I haven't quite played anything exactly like this, but it was slightly more innovative than most other games I saw here.

quite funny approach with the game on the ludum dare

There are better "Dating Simulation" games.


It had *something*

the little daily things that Chad did.

Sorry, not my thing

Good that there is overweight and gay option