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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

SWEG Not Fast

By: Team swegboiiz


Game about lil’ swegbot trying to survive the rain of cannons, gathering those precious crystals for the highscore. Having a fetish of carrying a basket over his head does not stop swegbot, well maybe it does, only if it is getting too heavy. Be one with the lil’ rascal, aim for the big score!



Didn't really get the theme. SWEG dropped through the platform anyway. Even if it hadn't collected any things to its basket

I guess getting more cannon balls should be "the worse it gets", but actually collecting any cannon balls is difficult. Most difficult obstacle seems to be the degrading grid.

More wasn't always bad.

The more cannonballs you have worse it is? Most everything in the game actually helps you, unless the weight was supposed to slow you down, which didn't.

I didn't really capture the theme from the final build. At the first presentation it seemed that the cannonballs would be the "more" in the theme, but in the final build the cannons shoot quite rarely and it doesn't really seem to be an issue if you catch a few of them.

cannons didn't really get to the bucket, not enough cannons, so the weight stayed mostly zero. only thing that fit the theme tho was the speed.

It had nice balance of more things making play harder. But I really did not get the point of cannon balls. Did they do anything?

Too much speed. Its like snake on steroids

Kinda related, but not necessarily seen in the gameplay

The weight issue doesn't work very well. So it doesn't seem like the game in general handles the theme very well.


The theme is interpreted correctly and understandably, but it's not very novel interpretation.


Controls a bit too fast. Otherwise if the goal was more defined or more of a challenge it would have felt better

The character is hard to handle and feels slippery on the floor.

Didn't really like the movement as the delay was rather annoying sometimes, but i have to admit it was rather addictive as i wanted to beat my highscore over and over again.

The movement was very sluggish, I couldn't catch anything, and I had no idea where the cannonballs were landing.

There are quite many things to pick up, although it doesn't really tell me what they do. Aside from beating my own high score, there's not much replayability in the game.

best way to get high score was to run back and forth in small distances and ignore everything else.

Really interesting concept. Would be nicer if the start speed would be faster, it is really difficult to reach any power-ups or the bombs. It is unclear as to what some power-ups do. Only the speed one was clear.


Was pretty enjoyable, but the movement felt kinda clunky

The movement is slow, but I don't see any feedback on what my weight is, or why I'm this slow.

Bit clunky

It's nice to play for few minutes but in my opinion it wouldn't be interesting in long term.


Really nice, (indie) production quality!

Art is fine looking. Don't remember the rest right now.

Audio was simple and nice.

Art looked quite nice, especially for someone just having learned 3D modelling.

The music is repetitive, but works well. The actual pickup items all look pretty different from one another, but it doesn't take anything away from the game. Overall: nothing special, but it works well.

I like the art, however the aspect ratio is off. I could not find one in the optionst that would have made everything visible fully. I cannot see the top 3 squares in the play screen (I assume they are some kind of running data).

Really cool lowpoly models, me like. Sound felt generic

Looks really good!

The options menu allows for changing the resolution. This clashes with the Unity launcher resolution. And once you change the resolution in the options, it might get to where you can never change it back, because the necessary menu is off screen. In addition, I fail to see how you can exit the options menu. The aesthetics of the game in general are really cool and I like the art style.

Amazing, minus the story

Looking and playing OK, but nothing special.


Idea seems kind of interesting, but at the moment the main idea falls to the background.

Robot with a bag on his head - nothing less than exceptional lol

I didn't find any innovation.

Don't really have anything to say about this. Nothing super-innovative, but the mechanics work pretty well together and it is fun enough.

Had something interesting I could not point out exatly

Nothing out of the ordinary, but not bad

It seems like an interesting variation on snake. I liked snake as a kid. :)

Cannons are cool

Could have been much more innovative.


Nice instruction photos

Nothing "exceptionally special".

Thanks for the Mac build.