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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results

Embrace Space

By: Beginner's Luck


2D sidescroller platformer. Gun generates ammo, gun explodes when clip is filled. Platforms get destroyed by bullets. Unity. 3D assets.



It does rather well

The theme was captured pretty well - fading the screen to black the more weapon charge you have is a nice touch, making the game a lot harder.

Good interpretation, nothing genius.

Connected, but somewhat rephrased.

Too much power is indeed a problem, but it would bee cool if extra gun power gave you a bonus, like the possibility of a high powered shot or longer range (it seems that the lazers are of a fairly short range).

Since shooting around randomly melts down the the more is worse, the worse is easily avoidable. Permanent effects or disabilities could have made it more relevant to the topic.


Gameplay feels rewarding, but it gets repetitive too fast with no indicator when does the level end(or even does it end?)

The games has potential, but the overall feel is really clunky, at least for me. There aren't enough enemies to make the level interesting and most of the time you just shoot platforms to progress. Also if you die, the platforms seem to stay the same.

There were problems. It didn't jump some times when moving at the same time, this made the game really frustrating. Otherwise I liked that I felt like I learned a lot about the level and had to start over multiple times to do better the next time. Felt progress.

It is really difficult to move and shoot. The fact that you can destroy necessary platforms makes the player dislike themselves thinking they did it wrong and don't know how to play.

Game is fun, although its rather easy if you find a good enough ledge to jump up.Also when gun explodes you don't get deaht screen and game crashes. Turrent didn't attack me

Fun. Pretty punishing. If you die you have to cover a lot of ground again if you want to see new stuff.

Shooting is fun

Frustrating: when your weapon starts getting to the "danger level", your field of view lessens. This is incredibly annoying. The short range on your lazers is also a problem, especially when fighting the first robot. The three potions in the beginning og the game are basically mystery potions. They do something for a time, but I have no idea what.

It was fun to play a R&M influenced game, yet having only thing jumping and shooting couple enemies and stable bombs did not make it very joyful.

Game feels unfair since I don't know whether it is even possible to finish. It would have been a good idea to give the player a minimap for example so it would be possible to plan a route. The gun has good punch and firing feels good.


Liked the low poly art

I liked the overall visual style of the game - adding a separate background layer with lots of shiny futuretech added more depth to the game, although it was at times too distracting.

I really liked the looks of this game! simple low poly with really cool glowing effects. Everything looks well put together!

Art and sound match and are pleasing.

It looked really good and nice.

Music would start playing at random moments, could be better!

No sound for me. Art is cool. Not much of a story.

Audio needs tweaking. Art is nice.

The metallic feel is pretty cool. It's weird that you can fall off the edge of your spaceship, though. Kinda goes against the idea of a spaceship.

It looked ok, a simple example of low poly non-smoothed graphic game. yet good use of effects was a good touch for sure.

Looks decent


The approach to the theme kind of dictated how the game should play and aside from that, there wasn't much going on. With more content/enemies/turrets, there would be more to do, but currently it is kind of bland.

Cool idea about the weapon, would have liked to see some more playable level to make it possible to enjoy this feature.

Idea of destorying platforms and having the need to shoot is quite contradictory. Makes interesting gameplay.

Really liked the idea, would try a full-fledged game!

I think the weapon shoot range is an interesting idea. But I think it could be improved upon.

Deformation on the game is a good thing to have in a game if implemented in a good way, in the game it did not follow this principle yet it was good to have.

Interesting gimmick, might even work quite well if fleshed out.


Bonus for rather good platform mechanics

As this is a jam game, you seemed to deliver what you promised at the first presentation, so kudos for that.

Bonus point for the cute robot.

A fine complete game, deserves a bonus point.