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Ludum Dare 40 - The more you have, the worse it is Teams Voting Progress Results


By: Mjäuskond Mjäu


A simple platformer, where you are a cat mother and you need to get all the kittens into the nest. There are two game modes: Arcade and Normal. Arcade mode is endless, with kittens spawning in waves. Normal mode has a time limit and levels, with the number of kittens proportional to the level.



The theme is pretty well interpreted


It got very crazy very fast. I really was worse.

The theme is captured very well - the more kittens you have, the more you have to do.

*I wouldn't say more cats is worse. (This is future catlady speaking). Otherwise well interpreted.

Works well, the more cats there are, the more difficult it is.

Moar kittens!

The game pretty much related to the topic by the simplest measure it can be, simple but representative.


Really enjoyed.

It was a nice and enjoyable little game, even though I generally don't play these types of games

Fun initially, but gets repetitive too fast

Very heart-warming theme. Nice laid back gameplay. Can do awesome cat basketball tricks. The timer for regular game mode was a bit too long: I had constantly nore than 10 minutes left. A challenge would be nice.

It's fun, but the confined space is really tiring. Often I'm jumping on platforms I'm not really intending to jump on. The real challenge seems to be not herding the kittens, but traversing the quirky platforms :)

I really liked it, it is meditative and cute. Also awesome progress from the demo before! Addicting! Had much fun running into kittens like a snowplow.

It's is a little easy at this difficulty level, at level 4 I got bored. But at first it was fun to play

Gets boring after a couple of levels

Needs some polish, but was still fun to play!

Way too much time.

Grabbing the kittens with E seemed a bit glitchy, but maybe that was intentional

The game is fun but just too repetitive, at least background changes and color changes of cats could make it a bit more playable (finished 4 rounds)

Strangely addictive. I played 7 levels until i got bored. I think later levels give the player too much time. Controls felt responsive and feedback was good (for example how the kitten changes its color when you pick it up).


Graphics could be better.

Everything was well polished. The audio got a bit annoying over time.

Really liked the sound and aesthetics

Loved the art style and music and everything.

The game looks really nice - the visuals are basic, but they work really well for this type of game.

Everything works together really well! The pixel art is in different sizes but looks good. Also the music suits the game well.

I liked the warmth of the art and the room and the cats!

I like the pixel graphics. Well done

A cohesive artstyle, pretty good!

Simple, but good looking

I really like pixel art and the game was really cute. But game is not being pixel perfect gave me some anxiety. Kittens are basically scaled down cats and it looks a bit irritating for me, just personal.

Good pixel art and very readable.


The kitten carrying mechanic and bouncing mechanic seems interesting

Not something completely new, but a nice variation. Especially the cat bouncing.

The main game is fun at first, but gets old pretty fast. Arcade mode changes that and is even quite hard, so it adds quite a bit of replayability.

The least strong side of this game. I have played some really similar flash games.

Cool physics for the kittens.

It is pretty fun to play with physics, considering some people really have a thing for physics driven games.

Nothing very innovative, just a simple arcade platformer.


I really enjoyed playing this game. It was catchy!

I like the Mona Lisa

Not really, but points for managing this with only 2 people(half the time).

Very well executed, nice, short, engaging. An awesome jam game.


Bonus points for how much you actually finished, given some team members leaving halfway through the jam.

A simple gamejam game! I had fun, proves that you can do well if you don't try to do anything too complicated for the gamejam. Bonus for the cute cat sounds!


The jumpy cushion


cats lol


1 point for cuteness.

Just two team members and you managed to finish a game. Impressive.